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Version 1.0.5 is now available! Host metrics, Dark theme, Better support for console apps, Many improvements and fixes.
OpenCL Timeline

Highly responsive pixel perfect timeline

Analyze computational flow, zoom in to every detail. See the whole picture and get a deep insight into how your OpenCL application works. Explore at both coarser and finer scales.

OpenCL Kernels

Performance metrics for optimization

Find out what to optimize first. Determine the slowest OpenCL kernels in your program. Easily find bottlenecks using one tool across all platforms and OS.

OpenCL Kernels

Metrics coherent with the timeline

All metrics are given for the period selected on the timeline. Analyze the stages of the computation flow independently or integrally. Focus on the most relevant time intervals.

OpenCL Performance

Device and host occupancies

CLtracer shows how efficiently your app utilizes GPU and CPU. It will help you get 100% out of any OpenCL platform. Get a fluent developer experience - select executable and start profiling. No code changes needed.

OpenCL Commands

Detailed track of every command

CLtracer records every OpenCL command, its host and device execution times, delays, NDRange, amount of transferred data, and all errors. It has zero overhead and does not impact computations.

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